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Why Choose Us?

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Why choose image 1st? After all there are hundreds of other photography studios and photo shoot options available to you. Well, we know nobody comes close to our quality and service, we want to exceed your expectations and that is why we are the only studio to offer you a full money back refund if you find that on the day we do not practice what we preach. Love us or your money back! We are also very honest, no hidden charges, everything is upfront with us, we publish all our prices on our site so you feel comfortable with the sort of people you are dealing with. Guidance is key, we give plenty of it, especially to our makeover photo shoot clients. We will hold your hand throughout your experience. Our studio was not just built for our professionals in the industry, we love shooting people from all walks of life and encourage first timers to pop by and meet the team before booking a photoshoot.


We don't compromise our service! From the instant you walk into our studio you will feel the passion and excitement we have for our craft. No big ego's here, just a fantastic experience.


No other studio or professional photographer can make this claim, especially as we provide a full experience including a hair and make up stylist. We want to exceed your expectations. Our 'Happiness Guarantee' gives you full peace of mind by offering a full refund of your deposit if you are not satisfied with the quality of the images we take. To view our full refund policy please refer to our Terms & Conditions.



With us our photography packages are all inclusive, we pride ourselves on our honest approach to business. We won't hook you in with cheap prices then ask you for all your hard earned cash afterwards - that's what those cheap makeover studios do, they employ sales people who know nothing about the art of photography but still providing you with so called 'expert' advice at the end of your photo shoot. We don't DO sales here!


We are a team of designers, photographers and client services experts that frequently discuss and implement innovative ideas to keep our product cutting edge and fresh. Our website reflects our dedication to providing the very best technology, and our equipment is up to the minute and state of the art to make sure you look your very best. We are a TEAM - Our collaborative approach is unique and includes YOU too!


Endorsed by well respected companies in a variety of industries, not only do every day people like YOU trust us for the product you want, major companies have endorsed our services including, MTV, BBC, Miami Herald, Miami.com, 93 Rock, FHM and Pineapple Dance Studios to name but a few.